Routine Care in Hampton, VA

Routine Care in Hampton, VA

Having good oral hygiene habits can help prevent cavities, gum disease, and other dental issues. Along with brushing and flossing your teeth every day, you should visit your dentist regularly to maintain your smile.

Importance of Routine Dental Care

The goal of every routine visit is to maintain good oral health and detect any signs of complications before they become big problems. A routine hygiene visit includes a thorough examination of your mouth, gums, teeth, tongue, jaw, and neck for any early signs of developing problems. Our dental hygienist will also perform a thorough cleaning to remove any tartar buildup that you may have missed when brushing your teeth.

In the spirit of preventative care, our Dentist Hampton, VA may also talk to you about certain lifestyle factors or habits that may contribute to periodontal diseases, such as smoking tobacco or cigarettes, alcohol, a poor diet, diabetes, pregnancy, dry mouth, and more. If they notice any symptoms of gum disease, our dentist may recommend that you come in more frequently for deep cleaning treatments. You may also be prescribed an oral rinse or over-the-counter medication to help treat your particular condition.

What Does Routine Dental Care Involve?

Dental cleanings and exams are two basic procedures that our dentist may recommend for you, and they typically take place every six months to a year. Both are important because they keep your teeth healthy and clean so that you can enjoy good oral health. Our dentist may also recommend other preventative services based on the state of your oral health and hygiene routines at home.

A dental checkup involves the dentist checking your teeth for signs of decay, damage, or disease. The dentist will also look over the health of your gums to make sure they are healthy and free from gum disease. The dentist will examine the overall health of your mouth before recommending any additional treatments to ensure that any conditions are treated before they become more serious.

During a dental cleaning, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned to remove plaque buildup and tartar from their surfaces and the gum line. This should be done at least once every six months if you want to protect the health of your teeth and gums, and you should be sure to keep up a good oral hygiene routine in between visits to the dentist’s office.

Our dentist may also recommend additional services, such as fluoride treatments and sealants, to help protect the teeth from tooth decay and cavities. Fluoride treatments are often recommended for kids to help keep their teeth strong and healthy as they grow. Sealants may also be applied to help seal out bacteria and prevent the formation of new cavities on the chewing surfaces of molars. You should talk with our dentist about these services and see if they are right for your smile.

Regularly visiting a dentist is an important part of maintaining your oral health, so it is important that you keep up with your appointments. If you haven’t seen a dentist in quite some time, call our office today to set up an appointment.

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