Oral Surgery in Hampton, VA

Oral Surgery in Hampton, VA

Surgical intervention for oral health issues ranges from simple tooth extractions to jaw realignments and everything in between. In order to maintain optimal oral health, patients may need to seek oral surgery for various reasons. Damaged teeth, wisdom teeth removal after the emergence of permanent molars, and dental implants are the most common treatments people seek out to help them maintain their best smile possible.

When Oral Surgery Might Be Required

Whether it’s damage from an accident, tooth decay, or gum disease, there are many reasons you may need oral surgery. It is important to have regular checkups with your Dentist Hampton, VA so that they can catch any potential problems early on and treat them before they get worse. If a problem does develop, the dentist may recommend you see a specialist for treatment. Dentists that specialize in oral surgery can diagnose and treat a variety of issues in the mouth, including impacted teeth, cysts, tumors, and more. 

Tooth Extractions

If a tooth is damaged due to decay or trauma, it may need to be extracted by a trained and experienced dentist. An infection in the tooth’s root may also be treated with extraction to stop the progression to more serious health conditions. 

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to emerge in a person’s mouth, but when there is not enough room in the mouth to accommodate them, they can cause discomfort and pain. People with impacted wisdom teeth may benefit from seeking their removal and using dental implants as a replacement. With this treatment, an artificial tooth is placed in the patient’s mouth using a number of metal posts implanted into the jawbone.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss. Unlike dentures, these implants will stay in place and remain highly effective at replacing missing teeth for years to come. Patients may need to undergo bone augmentation before the implants are placed to ensure there is enough bone to support the titanium post. Once the implant is placed, it will need a few months to heal before it is permanently restored with a crown.

Bone Graft and Sinus Lift

Other common oral surgery procedures include bone grafts and sinus lifts. A graft is used when bone loss has occurred after tooth loss or if your jawbone structure has deteriorated due to periodontal disease. During a bone graft, bone material is added to the area in need of repair to stimulate new bone growth. This serves to restore both the tooth’s structure and your facial aesthetics. 

If you are having several teeth removed during a bridge or dental implant placement procedure, you may need to undergo sinus lift surgery, where your upper jaw is lifted so that there is room for the upper restoration to be placed without causing irritation to your sinuses.

How to Prepare for an Oral Surgery Procedure

Having anesthesia administered will require that you have someone drive you to and from your appointment, as you will not be permitted to drive or operate any machinery for 24 hours afterward. Before your oral surgery, our dentist will provide you with a detailed list of instructions to follow in the days and weeks leading up to and after the procedure. This includes using antibacterial mouthwashes and avoiding alcohol and tobacco use. Our doctor may also prescribe an antibiotic to help kill the bacteria in your mouth and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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