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An intraoral camera is a small digital camera that allows Dr. Cheng to take pictures of the oral cavity. It is easily maneuvered and useful for detecting tooth issues or abnormalities throughout the mouth.

The intraoral camera resembles a pen, which allows Dr. Cheng to see detailed and enlarged images of teeth, gums, and other intraoral soft/hard structures. Dr. Cheng can identify problems relating to your soft/hard tissues and treat them in a timely fashion.

Some of the features of the intraoral camera include:

  • Taking photographs and video which the patient is also able to view on a large screen
  • Magnification
  • LED light for a clear view
  • Very comfortable for the patient due to its slender profile

What Are the Applications of an Intraoral Camera?

  • The intraoral camera is useful in taking accurately detailed videos and photographs of teeth and other oral structures, which aid in the proper and timely assessment and diagnosis of dental problems, such as the degree of plaque build up, cavities, gum problems, chipped or fractured teeth, broken dental fillings, oral lesions, and various other dental problems.
  • This type of camera is very useful in documenting abnormal small lesions. Photos from the screening can also be stored and sent to specialists if required.
  • The photographs and videos captured by the intraoral camera also allow Dr. Cheng to monitor previously noted areas of concern for any changes whether good or bad.

Benefits of an Intraoral Camera

The photographs taken by the intraoral camera, which you are able to view on a screen, allow Dr. Cheng to clearly discuss any dental issues you are facing, why treatment is necessary, and the treatment(s) recommended. The compact size makes it very easy to use and comfortable for the you.


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