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Oral scanning is one of the most exciting advances in dental technology, and one we frequently use at Cheng Dental The process for intraoral scanning is gentle, safe, and comfortable for our patients.

What Is an Intraoral Scanner?

An intraoral scanner is a device that creates a 3D image of the teeth and the surrounding gum tissue.  A light is projected onto the area to be scanned, and imaging sensors record the required digital images which are used to create a 3D surface model.

What Are the Applications of an Intraoral Scanner?

Using the scanned image of a patient’s teeth, a dental lab will create a 3D model which can then be used for the fabrication of a variety of prosthetic restorations, including inlays, onlays, single crowns, implant supported restorations, and fixed partial dentures.

These 3D models of a patient’s mouth are needed by Dr. Cheng to provide orthodontic Invisalign treatment for his patients who are interested in improving their smile via the straightening of their teeth.

What Happens During Oral Scanning?

During an intraoral scan, Dr. Cheng moves the small, slender scanning wand quickly and gently over the surfaces of the teeth to obtain captured images that are displayed on a chairside monitor as they are recorded.

At Cheng Dental, a digital scan of the teeth takes a couple minutes to capture. Dr. Cheng can magnify and alter the real-time images for more detail as he reviews them with you and discusses your treatment options and answers any of your questions.

Advantages of Oral Scanning

  • The ability to quickly record images of the patient’s dental structures and create a digital 3D model eliminates the need for traditional impressions.
  • Patients with a sensitive gag reflex who are unable to tolerate traditional impressions value the intraoral scanning technique.
  • In comparison to traditional procedures, intraoral scanners can be more time efficient.
  • Intra Oral Scanning (IOS) is a useful tool for patient education and communication via enhancing patient participation and improving the whole therapeutic experience.


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